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30 1 cbd oil

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Dr. Seedsman CBD is 80% sativa and is descended from a plant that its breeders named CBD Asia due to its provenance and high CBD levels. This amazing plant didn’t even need the usual inbreeding in order to both emphasise and stabilise its desirable traits. It is a robust plant growing vigorously yet staying quite short and squat in the process. Indoor flowering lasts for 8 – 9 weeks while outdoor harvests should be ready in early October in northern latitudes. Yields are high and the buds nice and dense and covered with loads of resin.


Doctor Seedsman CBD is the crowning achievement resulting from a long and diligent effort seeking to discover a strain of cannabis with very high levels of CBD but with less than 1% THC resulting in healing effects without any psychoactivity. Many CBD-rich strains have been created but up until now the vast majority have virtually equal amounts of CBD and THC.

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This plant is very aromatic but non-psychoactive. It has a powerful and penetrating taste with a pine and ginger note on the finish. CBD production has been laboratory tested at 20% while THC comes in at less than 1%. This represents a CBD:THC ratio in excess of approximately 30:1. The effect is very deeply relaxing to the body with no cerebral effects whatsoever.

Cannabryl Dewaxed 1:1 CBD : THC Oil Tincture is quite clear a medium is required to make liquid extract less thick, options are water and oil, Water needs to be negated since extract is oil-based. Now some oil is required to be mixed with Cannabis Extract as Carrier oil. Just a few years back Raw coconut oil, Raw Cannabis seeds oil, Olive oil, Grapeseed oil were used quite frequently. We at Indogenix too used Cannabis seeds oil as a carrier oil in past, but we found out that it works great in Winters but its properties ( ayurvedic ) are hot by nature, which makes cannabis Tinctures a little unsuitable for hotter climates. Similarly, each of the other oils had some issues or other which prevented us to make a standard product.

Cannabryl dewaxed and decarboxylated medical cannabis Tinctures utilize dewaxed and decarboxylated Medical Cannabis Extracts in its formulations.

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Cannabis Extract by Nature is quite thick and viscous like honey, if we bottle pure extract, the dropper fails to suck and deliver medicine, and most of the medicine remains in the bottle, and it becomes really difficult to measure its intake.

Recently there has been a good amount of study on MCT oil. This oil is actually an extract from raw coconut oil only, this MCT oil has a good amount of advantages, in the sense that it increases the bioavailability of Cannabis Tincture in the body to a very great extent. Bioavailability means absorption power in the body, i.e. one milligram of cannabinoids if taken with MCT oil have higher chances of merging in blood quickly as compared to any other oils. This is mainly because of the Triglyceride property presence in MCT oil.