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In addition to reading this article, we recommend that you speak to your physician while you’re applying for your medical marijuana card to get a personalized dosage recommendation.

The ins and outs of how various cannabinoids and terpenoids interact is not precisely known, but it seems CBD may prolong THC’s presence in the liver while regulating THC’s intoxicating effects when used in a 1:1 ratio.

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Terpenes and terpenoids also play a role in the Entourage effect and deserve equal attention. A 1:1 CBD: THC ratio containing mostly beta-caryophyllene and limonene will have markedly different effects from a product with the same 1:1 CBD: THC ratio but containing terpenes like linalool, humulene, and myrcene.

Depending upon the strain and cannabinoids it contains, most people who use medical marijuana report feeling euphoric, relaxed, giggly, chatty, sleepy, happy, and so on. These effects are one reason why many people enjoy cannabis, particularly when the dosage is right and allows them to remain functional . Users tend not to see pink elephants and wizards casting magic spells when using cannabis, unless they consume an extremely strong, high-THC edible and have not built tolerance to high doses of cannabis. And even then, you are more likely to fall asleep than see pink elephants.

CBD seems to “balance” out the high THC causes when used in equal ratios to each other, while allowing the THC to provide its own pain-killing, antiemetic and appetite-stimulating properties. THC and CBD seem to work in tandem with each other, and can possibly even bolster each other’s strengths while buffering some of THC’s psychoactivity.

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Exact cannabinoid content varies by batch and the amounts indicated here are based on formulation.

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Intended for oral consumption. Use the measured droppers to apply drops under the tongue & hold for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. Onset time & tolerance varies per individual so please consume accordingly.

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