Entourage – Hemp Cannabinoid Capsules (900mg CBD)

Entourage – Hemp Cannabinoid Capsules (900mg CBD)


Product Description

If you’re looking to add hemp to your diet in the form of hemp oil capsules, you’ve come to the right place. The trusted Entourage name has released the Cannabinoid Capsules for an easy incorporation of CBD into your daily routine.

Each cannabinoid capsule includes 15mg of hemp oil for a total of 900mg of hemp oil per 60-pack bottle. Each capsule also includes 500mg of organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which is full of phytonutrients like omega-3 and omega-6.

Entourage Cannabinoid Capsules are made with a proprietary, full-spectrum formula to keep your life in balance. These capsules have no psychoactive properties. Entourage Cannabinoid Capsules contain premium quality hemp oil and hemp extract and do not contain emulsifiers, glycerin, sweeteners, or other additives. These capsules are GMO, pesticide, and chemical free.

Available in a 2, 30, or 60 count
15mg high CBD hemp oil per capsule
Premium full-spectrum hemp extract
Great value
Manufactured in a cGMP/ISO laboratory
No GMO, pesticides, residual solvents, chemicals, metals, or microbes
Legal in all 50 states

Why Choose Entourage Hemp Oil Capsules?

entourage hemp cannabinoid capsulesThe Entourage Capsules are manufactured under strict quality control and are made with a formula that has been made to perfection. Each batch is tested by an accredited 3rd-party lab to verify it has exactly what we advertise.

Each capsule contains 15mg of hemp oil, a great serving size for those looking for a potent serving size.

Recommended Use

Take 1-2 softgels with water daily. The best serving size for you may be different as compared to someone else, so you may safely experiment to find the best amount for your body. If you’re brand new to hemp oil, keep in mind that the natural hemp compounds may need to build up into your system through a few days of consistent usage.

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2-Pack (Sample), 30-Pack, 60-Pack


15mg per softgel


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